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Don't Forfeit Your Growth to Your Vendor!

Take Charge of Your Own Profits

There are countless vendors in the market — but how many of them have actually delivered on the value that they promise?

How many of them have promised you a winning solution, but never followed through on that guarantee? How many have used you as a sales agent, instead of letting you own your customers? On the other hand…

See why Wildix is Europe’s only UCaaS brand on the Magic Quadrant™

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    What if you could take advantage of the most advanced WebRTC technologies, the most effective sales strategies, and efficient workflow management, all through a 100% channel-based model?

    What if you could make use of a guaranteed plan for success — one that's proven to increase your revenue by an average of 30%?

    All around the world, Systems Integrators, VARs, and Managed Service Providers are already achieving the extraordinary result of significantly increased revenue and over 45% growth in gross profits.

    Martin Jupp - ElemenTel, UK
    Wildix provides us with ongoing revenue, an OPEX solution. For us it's an opportunity to do something that historically we were unable to do. Since we partner with Wildix, we've seen our profits increase by about 30%.
    Martin Jupp
    ElemenTel, UK
    Dan Cady - Cady Business Technologies, US
    Now's the time to get your foothold into the cloud market space and go up from there, and so we've really been taking advantage of the OPEX model and all of the training Wildix has offered us. We live it and breathe it. We're all in.
    Dan Cady
    Cady Business Technologies, US
    Dominique Maiano - Maiano-informatique, France
    We have become an MSP company with Wildix and we have changed the world of relating to customers: we have gone from being business consultants. This has brought us higher margins, for every euro we give to Wildix, it's 3 euros for our company.
    Dominique Maiano
    Maiano Informatique, France

    How would your way of working change if your vendor...

    wanted to make money with you and not from you?

    helped you win 3 contracts for every 4 prospects you meet?

    Wildix is the only vendor who supports you throughout your growth

    Our 90-Day Road to Success creates a step-by-step process for your evolution. ​

    Before Wildix, vendors made you sell more and more without understanding your business.

    With Wildix plan your own strategy for success and grow your business up to 30%

    Meet our Area Manager in person to assess your current situation and plan your goals. Thanks to our verified Revenue Calculator tool you’ll design your own plan for growing your business and increase sales up to 30%.

    Before Wildix, a lack of corporate support made it harder to land sales.

    With Wildix & ValueSelling™ adopt a winning ready-to-use sales formula that lets you win 4 deals out of 5

    Train your internal sales team with ValueSelling™.

    ValueSelling™ is the certified sales methodology to win deals by competing on value, not on price. Adopt this ready-to-go framework used by big IT companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

    Here’s what the ValueSelling™ methodology can do for your business:
    1 %
    increase in Sales Productivity
    1 %
    increase in Dealsize
    1 %
    Revenue Growth YOY
    Before Wildix, there was no way to assess your own efficiency or your customer satisfaction.

    With Wildix & Kanban University measure your customer satisfaction and bring them a WOW effect

    Train your tech team with Kanban to deliver a WOW effect through any deployment. Kanban is the workflow management method that’s changed the IT industry: using it, you can remove bottlenecks from your work processes and assess your company’s effectiveness and your customers’ satisfaction.

    Before Wildix, your inactive customers stayed dormant, and your active customers only made one-shot purchases.

    With Wildix engage all of your customers: upsell to them with new capabilities

    Revive your existing or inactive customer base and upsell to them with our technology. Plus, our marketing team will offer you support for events, a dedicated page on the Wildix website to increase your online exposure, support in producing video testimonials and marketing materials for you to use right away.

    Win with Wildix:
    the First Cloud Browser-based UC

    The perfect solution for small and medium businesses, between 50 and 1000 users, that need to provide their employees and collaborators with efficient yet simple to use communication tools.

    All within the browser. No plugins required.


    Audio Call

    Video Call

    Interactive desktop sharing

    Security by Design

    Many competitors still require SBCs and VPNs to solve network issues and “guarantee” security.

    However, it’s been proven that a weak system protected by an external layer of security is easy to break into.

    The Wildix UC&C solution is designed to be secure and to protect data and communication without any additional extra security layers.

    About Wildix

    The first 100% secure, easy-to-use, professional web-based UC&C system.

    Wildix is for companies that want to increase their productivity with a secure-by-design tool.

    1 st
    in WebRTC
    + 1 %
    annual growth rate
    countries all over the World
    + 1 %
    new Wildix users over the last month
    +52% increase in web sales
    Only Wildix allows customers to communicate in any way they choose by connecting the company website with WebRTC
    +52% increase in web sales
    25% more time saved on everyday operations (about 2 hours per employee)
    Only Wildix facilitates internal and external communication between companies and their customers from anywhere in the world via a web browser and the app
    25% more time saved on everyday operations (about 2 hours per employee)
    100% Security
    Only Wildix does it all in a simple, secure way with a solution that’s protected by design (no SBCs, no VPNs)
    100% Security

    WebRTC software package


    Uniform user experience & Unique identification on all platforms

    WebRTC Kite
    Web Integrations

    Contact button on website Real-Time Presence Status Sync & Customizable Widget

    Call Center
    Monitoring & Reporting​

    Call analysis and statistic


    Application Programming interface & Ready to use integrations


    The First Professional Easy to Use Video Conference. Use Wizyconf in any situation!

    PBX Hardware, Virtual & Cloud




    Don't Forfeit Your Growth
    to Your Vendor!

    Take Charge
    of Your Own Profits

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      The practical benefits of VoIP and Unified Communications are evident, but we have also done the cost-benefit analysis. according to the forecasts, in just two years, the investment will be fully amortized, thus in a short time we will have a net saving
      Roberto Raggi
      IT Manager, CONQORD OIL
      In less than two hours, a presentation, in our office, made by Acti Phone Service and with the Wildix support Team, made it possible for us to understand the ease and simplicity in integrating the Wildix platform with our existing it systems.
      Frédéric Vittet
      IT and telecommunications systems manager, La Potinière Group
      Having 150 phone lines operating at the same time every day, all day, is fundamental or even vital to our company. Thanks to the rapid and precise installation by our partner Alsotel, the Wildix solution has made it possible for Empruntis to use the new phone system as of january; and starting the management and control of its activity in an autonomous, serene and reliable way.
      Yann Djenderedjian
      IT manager of Empruntis
      The most important benefit of Wildix, firstly, is presence — knowing you can get hold of somebody when you need to talk to them. In a hospice scenario, if you are a family member trying to phone in, it’s so important that they know someone is there to pick up.
      Matt Argyle
      Head of IT at Children’s Hospice South West

      Wildix solutions are perfectly integrated with the software you are already using

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